Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

There was a time when the word “catfish” was only used when talking about the actually animal. I can barely even remember that time now. Thanks to the internet, the term has now become a name for people who try to bait other people by using fake photos on their profiles. Or those who are just all around fraud. Either way, it’s far from anything having to do with the animal. It’s a situation many people have dealt with one way or another so of course there would be a song about it eventually.

Childish Major and Jace simply name their track “Catfishin'” and talk about all of the ambiguity that goes on the internet these days. But this isn’t exactly a complaint on their behalf, they’re using it to their advantage. With a topic people can relate to, plus an infectious beat with a well executed Bob Marley sample at the breakdown, “Catfishin'” is sure to catch some well deserved attention.

Listen to “Catfishin'” below.

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