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The best advice usually comes from people with experience, and after decades in the game, André 3000 has plenty of that. In a new interview with HardKnockTV, André offers up some words of wisdom to young artists. Watch the full interview above, and read his advice below:

Advice for young artists… It’s really simple: Make the music you want to hear. I know a lot of people can sit around like, “I don’t like this here.” Or, “This kind of music right here, man, this music right here gets on my nerves.” Or “These people are wack.” The complaining doesn’t really make the music better, so my thing is, figure out what kind of music you want to hear, and get to making it.

They call me Uncle Stacks at this point and I’m 39—it’s crazy. But the youngsters… I always feel like, just kill us. We want to hear what y’all’s generation has to say. Don’t try to impress us. Don’t try to please anybody that’s older than you in that way. Push it. I’m excited about the progression of everything, so as long as I know you’re being the best you you can be, it’s progressing the art… We don’t have the ideas. Y’all got all the new ideas, all of them.

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