Kevin Abstract is an ambitious artist. Just the other day he live streamed his computer desktop for 24 hours straight, and his music is all you need to realize this 18-year-old is thinking outside the box, and his scope of creativity is way beyond just making a cool song. His latest release is the “Hell” video, and this one is serious.

“Coming from the suburbs,” Kevin told Complex, “when I moved from Corpus [Christie, Texas,] to the Woodlands [Texas], that’s when I started to see kids that experimented with drugs other than weed. They had the money to buy heroin, and shoot up and stuff like that. And that’s kind of when I was like, man, no one in rap really talks about this. At least the rap music I listen to. No one talks about their friend overdosing on heroin or something like that. It’s not that it excited me, but it was something fresh to talk about. It was how I felt, so it worked.”

Read more at Complex, where the video premiered.

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