Baauer shot to massive popularity off the back of the viral “Harlem Shake” craze, which also helped change Billboard’s formula for determining No. 1’s. Ever since then, Baauer has been doing his thing, creating all manner of tracks and remixes that have nothing to do with “Harlem Shake”—the latest being the excellent “One Touch” with Rae Sremmurd and AlunaGeorge—and proving himself to be much more than a one hit wonder.

In collaboration with Red Bull, the young producer travelled to Japan and the United Arab Emirates with Nick Hook in search of inspiration from unique and original sounds. With Nick Hook acting as a mentor (and providing some nice comedy moments), the duo meet a colorful cast of characters playing a wide variety of instruments. The documentary is partly about Baauer’s quest to move beyond being “that ‘Harlem Shake” guy,” partly about the joy of travel, and partly about the universal language of music. Watch above.

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