Phil Elverum rarely likes to stick to one thing, often choosing to shoot off in a different direction with every Mount Eerie release. This is evident with his forays into black metal and even avant-folk via autotune with last year’s Pre-Human Ideas, and it seems that he’s set to continue this trend, albeit in a less extreme form, with his upcoming double album, Sauna. Due February 3 via his record label P.W. Elverum & Sun, Phil says the album is about “vikings and zen and life.”

Reiterating his knack for beautifully describing his art, Phil says of the album: “All of the song titles are single words and some of the songs are very long. This is music meant to weigh heavy on you like a lot of cold water at night, and also the sword glimmering at the bottom of the lake at night.” What that entails isn’t all that certain, but it sure sounds like a Mount Eerie-esque image. Check out the tracklist for Sauna below, and a organ-heavy teaser for the album below that.

Sauna tracklist:

1. Sauna
2. Turmoil
3. Dragon
4. Emptiness
5. (something)
6. Boat
7. Planets
8. Pumpkin
9. Spring
10. Books
11. This
12. Youth