Soulection's tagline is "The Sound of Tomorrow," and they might just be right. The L.A.-based record label, radio show, and platform for showcasing talent has been picking up tons of traction recently through their artists' and their own Soundcloud accounts. The label's sound is impossible to define, as it spans genres and styles, but if you love forward-thinking electronic production, often with a hip-hop or R&B influence, you'll love Soulection.

Their 21 artists and 10 DJs each have a huge number of tracks and mixes that are worth hearing. Don't be put off by the sheer quantity of music, though, as their catalog is well worth digging in to. To get started, and help you get an idea of what the future sounds like, here are 25 Soulection songs you should listen to right now (in no particular order).

Note: As well as songs released on the Soulection label, we included music (original tracks, remixes, production work) from the artists on the Soulection roster, even if it was released via other labels.