The Twitter bio of London’s Wonder Wonder reads: “Writing duo, releasing one song a month for the next year.”

There’s not much else out there about them. It’s a humble approach that seems like a slow-build strategy meant to garner attention through consistency and time. But it didn’t take long. Their first offering “Body Gold” was put on Soundcloud last month, and it already has over 100,000 plays. Their newest song is “Shark,” and it’s just as good.

The duo strips things back for a minimalist approach and the male-female vocals give it an intimate vibe. With the drum kit at play, there’s a bit of an electronic feel to the music, but it’s not hard to imagine these songs played live. They move fluidly, with a warm human touch. Above all, the music is as welcoming and accessible as it is intriguing.

The only downside is that “Shark” and Body Gold” are very similar. We’ll have to wait until next month to see what else Wonder Wonder has to offer.

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