When Manchester-based producer Oceaán released “Grip” a couple of weeks ago, we hoped it was more than a one-off. Today, we can announce that he has a new EP on the way and we’re happy to share the video for “Grip.”

The excellent four-track Grip EP (out November 17 via Chess Club Records) sees Oceaán stepping up a few levels from his impressive debut EP and Oliver Cean shared the following message about it:

I wanted to explore the duality between lyrical context and conceptual production. Taking influences from many facets of electronic music, my main aim was to investigate the effectiveness of songwriting within the electronic plane – whether it be marrying a lyrical concept with similar tonal aspects (inherently present within the production), and more importantly, creating and displaying disparity between them.

The video for “Grip” was directed by Harvey Pearson and provides a shape-shifting accompaniment that alters to react to the music, eventually leaving us with the EP’s beautiful cover. Check it out below.