In the past, Brooklyn producer Yung Gutted has assaulted speakers with the sort of bass and distortion that frighten parents and deafen fans. It is exciting, then, to see Gutted take things in a different but no less compelling direction on new EP Towers. Songs like standouts “Lots of Cheese” and “Chandeliers” still have a visceral force to them, but gone is the grim heaviness that accompanied Gutted’s previous work.

On Towers, he uses samples, swing, and one incredible example of chopping and screwing to create a feel of psychedelic mania—like the soundtrack to staying awake for too many days on end. It’s an intriguing step in the arc of a producer transitioning from the world of pure sonic violence to something a bit more nuanced.

Towers marks part two of a three part project on label Earnest Endeavours with Paris design studio Groupe CCC.