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Image via Instagram

Fans have been clamoring for Dr. Dre’s now-scrapped Detox album for years, but the producer has become notorious for holding off on the release of another solo album. And now we find out he might just be waiting to get the right sounds. DJ Quik, who worked with Dre on “Put It On Me,” says the 2001 producer/MC has had several ideas for projects, including one that is out of this world.

“One of the best things I heard was when Dr. Dre told me that he wanted to make an album not using anything from Earth,” Quik says in an interview with Fader. “He wanted to make an album using the sounds of all of the planets in our solar system. He wanted to use the ambient sounds of Saturn and turn it into a rhythm. Most people would say, ‘He’s crazy,’ or ‘That ain’t gonna work,’ but that might be some of the best shit you’ve ever heard. That’s what he’s going for when he’s using these synthesizers. He’s calling on the planets.”

Quik says Dre’s since-scrapped Detox was supposed to carry at least part of this goal out. “He’s trying to use sounds that sound like a fucking comet flying by, pshew,” Quik continues. “Who knows what it sounds like? But now he wants to use the actual sound instead of somebody’s interpretation of it.”

Detox was supposed to be about planetary music. It was going to be something different than what we can use on Earth.

Perhaps NASA’s recently launched Soundcloud page could help Dr. Dre with this mission. Or perhaps Dre can just find a way to make it happen on his own with money he earned in Apple’s acquisition of Beats earlier this year.

“Now he’s got a billion dollars maybe he can record all the motherfuckers,” Quik adds. “We’re gonna see a Dr. Dre Saturn V going up. They driving by Saturn, dropping probes with microphones and shit. Who knows? Either that was some really good drugs the OG Doctor was taking or he’s the greatest producer of all time. I think it’s brilliant.”

Quik’s latest album, The Midnight Life, was released this month and it features the single “Life Jacket,” which features Suga Free and Dom Kennedy. Meanwhile, Dr. Dre’s been busy starting his own college with Jimmy Iovine.