The legalization of marijuana in America is on the horizon. With Colorado and Washington already on board, most U.S. states have some form of decriminalization in the works. Today, one of weed’s most loyal spokesmen throws his afro in the ring. That’s right. Afroman is back with a remix of his “Because I Got High” anthem.

Don’t let the remix tag fool you. The only thing that’s changed this time around are the lyrics—but it makes all the difference. Contrary to the original, Afroman makes a case for all the good weed can do. “They built a school or two / Because I got high,” he sings. “Now the state can fund drug treatment / And I know why.” Why, man?

The video was made in conjunction with NORML (a legal team for the reform of marijuana laws) and Weedmaps, a site/app that maps all the world’s dispensaries. Its release is designed as part of “Smoke the Vote,” a movement headed by NORML that is voting on legalization three states (Oregon, District of Columbia, and Alaska) this November.

Afroman told Rolling Stone “‘Because I Got High’ put me on the map – it’s what got me a record deal, a Grammy nomination and made me a household name. Getting high – and rapping about it – got me to where I am today and I’ll be forever grateful for that. With the current political battle with states trying to legalize weed, I thought it was a good time to educate – or set the record straight – about marijuana’s benefits, which is why I wanted to remake the song.”

Welcome back, Afroman.