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What does the future hold for André 3000? With Outkast’s 40-date festival run coming to a close, fans are wondering if new music will come next. There have been rumors about new Outkast music and solo albums from André and Big Boi, but every time we get new information, the story seems to change.

In an interview with Billboard, the reason for the lack of clarity becomes obvious: André 3000 doesn’t exactly have a plan.

On solo albums:

“I know Big Boi’s [working on his]; I haven’t even started on [mine]. I’ve got to find something I’m excited about.”

On retirement:

“To be clear, there’s no retirement.”

On other endeavors:

“I feel like I will do music in some kind of way, but something that can hit music from the back door. Like, if I start to write screenplays and I want to [compose the soundtrack]. Or if I’m making certain product designs and I just want to release music with every shirt I design.”

On the possibility of an Outkast album:

“There are no plans to do [an Outkast album]. It’s not like some people think: ‘They’re about to drop this album!’ We don’t have, like, one song. There’s no trickery or nothing like that.”

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