There are some people that, every once in a while, I become really concerned about how they are and what they’re doing at that exact moment. Xzibit and Judge Judy are two that often pop up. Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman, is another. Luckily, thanks to TV on the Radio, I don’t have to worry about him this week. That’s because the actor is the star of the band’s video for their new single, “Happy Idiot.” The clip, which premiered on Funny or Die and is written by comedian Jake Fogelnest, finds Reubens as a race car driver who slowly loses his mind. Says frontman Tunde Adebimpe of the collaboration:

“I got to speak with him over the phone about doing it and, in between being blindingly nervous that I was actually talking to an actor who had shaped a LOT of my world view and trying not to freak him out by saying so, he mentioned that he’s been a fan of the band for awhile. He liked the idea, and, somehow, here we are with Paul as a race car driver losing his mind.”

TV on the Radio’s Seeds comes out November 18, watch the video above.