If you want to make interesting pop music with depth, working with Dave Okumu and Kwes is definitely a good move. British singer Rosie Lowe worked with the two of them on her debut EP Right Thing, an emotionally charged four song effort full of unsettling production and some big pop hooks, and the trio are back together for her new song “Water Came Down.” The single is being released on Paul Epworth’s label Wolf Tone, and is the first from Rosie Lowe’s forthcoming debut album.

“Water Came Down” has the brightest, most accessible chorus of any of her songs, but the song itself has a less cheerful subject matter. Rosie says:

The song represents the moment most of us have been in at some point, the realisation that a love you believed might last forever is falling apart. We all want to love and be loved and sometimes it blinds us. Water represents that moment of realisation, and as long as the water is coming down we can’t see the light and before we know it we’re drowning.

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