A write up on A Sol Mechanic’s hazy new just pick me up EP could likely be boiled down to whatever platitudes about genre-bending indie music are already populating any number of reviews sprinkled throughout the catacombs of the internet. So rather than cutting and pasting from one of my past poorly-worded attempts to make sense of colliding influences, better to describe how the Los Angeles producer/vocalist’s sunny, gauzy new body of work deftly creates a mood.

Culling from hip-hop (particularly the sounds of his city, both in its laid-back rap roots and current beat scene), soul, jazz, and psychedelic pop, just pick me up is music for a low and lazy day, beautiful and often formless in a way that still satisfies. The EP’s short songs (only one is longer than three minutes) feel like hazy transmissions from memory, warm and distant. There’s still room for A Sol Mechanic to flesh out his formula and expand the vision, but the foundation is laid gorgeously on highlights like “feels like us.”

Stream below and relax a bit.

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