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Image via Pornhub Records

Image via Pornhub Records

Pornhub is getting into the music business. Details surrounding the freshly-founded Pornhub Records are scant, and their website leaves plenty to the imagination, but it’s happening. Also Coolio is involved (though he’s not with the label).

They’ve also launched a contest to find “an original Pornhub-themed song” that will serve as the label’s anthem. The winner will get $5,000 towards a music video and a “minimum 500,000 views guaranteed” via Pornhub’s non-music content pulls in about 40 million views a day, so 500,000 seems reasonable.

Coolio will not be part of the selection process. He did, however, make a horribly tacky NSFW video called “Take It To The Hub.” He later described it as “one of the most racist days I’ve ever experienced in my life” (apparently neighbors called the cops because they saw black people going into the house).

If you like to watch Coolio rap about masturbating, today is your day. More on this to come, as we await to see just how exactly you can make music pornographic.

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