Image via tumblr

Image via tumblr

James Murphy has been known to have an interest in making experimental music. Remember that time he wanted to make the turnstiles in New York City’s subway stations play music each time they were turned? Well this time his latest experiment is not just for New Yorkers but for anyone around the world with access to a computer.

For his latest project, Murphy teamed up with IBM to transform over 400 hours of recorded data from the US Open tennis matches into music. The US Open website has all of the tracks that were made from each match but it’s difficult to really consider some of them songs. It’s simply data transformed into musical notes and that’s really what a lot of them sound like.

However, Murphy heard potential in some of the data collected from certain matches and has now remixed them into songs that are easier to groove along to. He is expected to release 14 remixes from his favorite tournament matches. So far two remixes have already been released. All of the original tracks can currently be found on the US Open’s website and new remixes will appear on IBM’s SoundCloud page as he creates them.

Until then, you can listen to remixes of match 4 and match 104 below.

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