Image via CBS

Last night, Jack White performed at Fenway Park in Boston, and took a few minutes break from performing his music to make fun of Foo Fighters, Rolling Stone, and clickbait journalism.

As you can hear in the recording below, Jack White starts by taking a cheeky shot at Foo Fighters for having a second guitarist on stage playing the same parts as the lead to cover up any mistakes, then commenting that his words will probably be reported in Rolling Stone the following morning. This leads into a seemingly fairly good natured speech (not rant!) about Rollingstone.com and the clickbait lists that they run.

“This is becoming a Kanye West-esque rant,” Jack White eventually says, after pointing out the Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner also has a stake in US Weekly, although he unfortunately doesn’t take the time to talk about his new haircut or his newfound status as an internet meme.

Maybe we should have expected this “Kanye West-esque rant,” since Jack White did say that the Yeezus tour might have been “the greatest show he’d seen in his life.” Listen to the audio below.


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