Although Spotify has been around for a few years now, it is still considered fairly new so records are constantly being achieved and broken soon after. During the week of September 8th to September 14th, Spotify reached a new first. For the first time ever, a song had gained 10 million streams in just one week. The song to achieve this accomplishment was “Blame” by Calvin Harris.

On Wednesday September 10th, “Blame” had become the most streamed song that day with over 1.6 million streams. But by Friday, it had already beat its own previous record with over 1.8 million streams. “Blame” had also reached the top spot on the Global chart within just three days. With a new achievement nearly every day of that week, it’s no surprise that this song broke 10 million streams by the weekend.

Calvin Harris has now become the first British solo artist to gain over a billion streams on Spotify. As much as we have all gotten used to how fast paced the internet can be, seeing numbers like these can still come as a shock. We can only assume that with more people beginning to turn to Spotify as their primary source for streaming music, another artist’s song will soon reach 10 million streams in a week and possibly even break Harris’ record.

Listen to “Blame” below.

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