With a title like “Heartbreaker” one might expect the song to be somewhat of an emotional ballad, but Daniel Wilson had quite the opposite planned for his latest single. All the expected soulfulness and emotions can still be heard in Wilson’s voice but it sounds more like feelings of joy rather than sorrow. There are plenty of songs being made as soundtracks to help deal with your heartbreak but not enough for the period after the crying is over. Until now that is. “Heartbreaker” is the song you play once you’re done feeling sad and are finally ready to get going again.

“Heartbreaker” sounds like a classic soul record with a touch of a modern twist. The melody and rhythm are so upbeat that it makes it nearly impossible to continue pouting. Daniel Wilson is trying to make sure you’re smiling or at least humming along by the time this song comes to an end.

Listen to “Heartbreaker” below.

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