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A few weeks ago, Adult Swim shared a short animated clip about the birth of Captain Murphy. Prior to Flying Lotus confirming his identity as the Captain, there had been a lot of speculation regarding who was behind this character, and a thick veil of mystery

So, of course, despite the fact that the Adult Swim clip is a sweet one, it’s also one that’s all too brief. We still don’t know all that much about Captain Murphy, and this character that FlyLo created has the potential for something more comprehensive, like a really cool story that chronicles the Captain’s adventures.

An individual named Matthew Martin is now pushing Adult Swim to create a full series about the birth of Captain Murphy through a petition. Says Martin:

I think Adult Swim should turn it into a series as it has the potential to be a really successful series and with a combination of Captain Murphy’s twisted character & Adult Swim’s quirky humor is a formula for success.

Not too crazy of an idea. Want to see The Birth of Captain Murphy potentially become a real Adult Swim animated series? Sign the petition here.


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