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Alex Wiley hasn’t taken a minute off since the release of his sophomore project Village Party in June, and it’s been no more evident than through his latest single, “Sexual Dolphin.”

The title is hilarious, but the song’s tone is surprisingly serious and progressive, Wiley rapping on the first verse, “No longer the loser in case you ain’t notice, but I swear to God it’s the same dude inside of me brother in case you ain’t notice.” Produced by Odd Couple and Carter Lang, “Sexual Dolphin” is sonically captivating and infused with personality from start to finish. It’s a clearly matured Wiley and a promising sign that the 21-year-old is moving along at a nice pace with the rest of Chicago’s best.

Stream below, and check out Wiley’s latest video for “Splash Game (Self Doubt)” at the bottom of the page.

(Entertainment Weekly)

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