Image via Royksopp on Soundcloud

Image via Royksopp on Soundcloud

When we found out that Robyn and Röyksopp had collaborated on the mini-album Do It Again, we expected that the results would be electronic pop excellence, and they were. Kindness, whose new album is out October 14 (listen to album opener “World Restart” featuring Kelela here), has remixed the Swedish duo’s track “Monument,” creating a totally new song by adding the vocals of South African performer Busiswa and replacing most of the electronic elements with guitar and shuffling percussion.

Read both Robyn and Adam Bainbridge’s thoughts below:

I played “Monument” to Adam (Kindness) a long time ago way before it was finished, so he’s heard it grow and when he said he’d like to remix it, I knew he was going to make something special. He brought the song to a new place, his place. It´s a place that I love. Busiswa sounds so good on it too, I’m happy to have another girl on there.-Robyn

It’s been a pleasure seeing how “Monument” started stretching its legs over time: from 5 to 7 to 12 minutes at one point. When Robyn and I spoke about reworking the song, it was already so right, so hauntingly gossamer, that it seemed it could only be remixed by taking away—stripping things back to the core of its groove. I’m very happy to have Busiswa on this (even slightly slower) version of “Monument,” making a deeper connection with the Kwaito shuffle I thought was lurking somewhere in the heart of the track. Takk & tack to Röyksopp and Robyn.-Kindness

Listen to the Kindness remix of “Monument” featuring Busiswa.