There aren’t many remixes that manage to dull the sharp edges of the original track, and somehow have it remain compelling, but that’s exactly what Poter Elvinger does on his remix of Illangelo’s “Clockwork.” After reading about Poter Elvinger on Pigeons & Planes, Illangelo’s manager thought he’d be a perfect fit for the remix, and we definitely agree.

Keeping the prettier elements of Illangelo’s original and blending them with more abrasive sounds, Poter Elvinger’s remix of “Clockwork” is gloomy and shimmering at the same time. Using the same fiery synth textures he used on his incredible “Ghosts,” Poter’s remix boils until it froths over with epic horns and cleverly chopped samples of the original vocals. It’s a moody reworking that highlights the qualities of the original, whilst doing something completely original with it.

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