Image via SoundCloud

Image via SoundCloud

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LOUDS is a Philadelphia band working on their first album. The lack of information on them isn’t an intentional scheme. “I don’t know that we mean to go the mysterious route, but we do feel inclined to let the music speak for itself,” Charlie Brooks explained in an email.

The band is Charlie, his little brother Petie, and their little sister Annie. They all live in Philadelphia, grew up on the same kind of music, and have remained close throughout their lives. Making music together comes naturally from them. If their sound is familiar, it might be because you’ve listened to The Derevolutions. The man behind that project, Brett Boucher, produces for LOUDS.

I asked for a picture.

“So far the only picture we’ve got is that one of us when we were little kids,” Charlie wrote. “We have a Facebook account but I’d have to ask my brother for the link. I don’t think there are any other pictures there though, and probably little additional information.”

LOUDS’ “Ways” is structured like a time-tested rock/pop song, but the production makes it feel like classic rock filtered through an early ’90s video game. With all of its glitchy layering and peppy handclaps, you might initially think this is a fun song, but the melody indicates otherwise.

“This song is about a girl I’ve known for a long time, an on-again, off-again girlfriend with whom things have never been easy,” wrote Charlie. “Hence the chorus, which begins, ‘Said I’d love you babe for life / But that was last night…’ It was written over the last several years, and now with Brett’s help, it seemed ready for release.”

Keep an eye out for LOUDS on SoundCloud. Or look for their Facebook. I never got that link.