It’s rare that we feature instrumental music on Pigeons and Planes. It’s not for any actively negative reason, but more as a course of our aims and tastes. It is difficult to deny, though, that the past half-decade (particularly the last three years) has marked a boom time for bedroom producers turned artists, with some of the most exciting (if often unpolished) and eclectic music liberated from hard drives by sites like Soundcloud and YouTube channels like Majestic Casual.

British upstart label youtellme aims to bring increased shine to some of these creators with their debut compilation, culling songs “discovered in the far corners of the internet” from producers “that don’t mind jumping out of genre tags in favour of the weird and wonderful,” as they put it.

“Lionheart,” the lead single from the compilation, comes courtesy of French 22-year-old Phazz. Barely breaking the three minute mark, “Lionheart” feels far grander than its run-time, a crossroads of hip-hop and R&B influences dotted with soaring synths—a hybrid beast that feels like it could work as well as a peak-era Dipset anthem as opening track in a festival DJ’s set.

Stream “Lionheart” below and pre-order youtellme’s first compilation here.

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