There’s a tendency to romanticize a relationship after it’s over. A few months go by and the bad moments start to fade, while those moments of happiness become increasingly clear. You reminisce about how easy things were, how comfortable the relationship was, how difficult it’s going to be to meet someone like the person you lost. In doing so, you build up the relationship to possibly be more than it was. That’s why getting back together with an ex purely based on nostalgia is risky. You only remember how great they were, not all aspects of who they are.

This is the idea Australian producer/songwriter/vocalist The Kite String Tangle (aka Danny Harley) tackles in his emotive “Arcadia.” Says Harley:

“Arcadia” represents an unobtainable ideal that we all create in certain situations. In this case it focuses on a post-relationship situation where you want to go back to that comfortable space that the relationship represented, but things have changed and that place doesn’t exist anymore. It doesn’t stop us from striving for it even though it might be out of reach.

“Arcadia” is the first single off The Kite String Tangle’s debut EP, Vessel, due out August 8. Take a listen below.

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