Image via James Supercave

Image via James Supercave

It’s always a bit odd to learn about a band or artist through a remix, perception of their music forever warped (if even only slightly) by a sound that might have very little to do with their actual style.

Until being sent Seattle producer Swish’s remix of Los Angeles band James Supercave’s March release, “The Right Thing,” a meandering, ambitious slice of self-professed art rock, I had never heard of James Supercave.

The original song is, in turns, pretty, heavy, psychedelic, and grand, never seeming to fully settle. Swish reconfigures “The Right Thing” entirely, morphing the song’s vocals atop a sparkling R&B-inspired groove. It’s a new direction that leaves the original to its own devices, showcasing Swish’s mesmerizing production and providing reason to dive into Supercave’s small catalog and see what they actually sound like.

Listen below and check out the limited vinyl pressing of James Supercave’s The Afternoon EP here.

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