Soundcloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on brand new music, we dig into the Soundcloud archives and pull out some gems. Enjoy, and check out previous editions here.

Earlier this week we published a list of 20 alternative hip-hop artists who are making things interesting. It was not meant to be an exhaustive list, more a way to highlight a variety of artists who we think are pushing the boundaries in different ways. We were happy to see lots of great suggestions for other artists who could have been included in the comments section (shout out to everyone who comments, we really do like to hear from you), so this week’s Soundcloud Surfing is a playlist of current non-traditional hip-hop.

There are some of the artists from our list, some that you suggested in the comments, and some wild cards in the 20 track playlist below. Enjoy!

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