Lizzo, the rapper on Justin Vernon’s label Totally Gross National Product, definitely has a thing for colorful, creative, and just plain fun music videos. We premiered the “Batches & Cookies” video a while back, but this new visual for “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” from the Lizzobangers album takes things to the next level.

Shot in the desert outside Las Vegas, the stunning video features famed dancer Lil Buck, a baby tiger, and lots of memorable imagery. On top of that, Lizzo actually got clawed by the tiger at one point (only by two of the claws, though, so apparently not much harm was done) and flew to Las Vegas on one day’s notice to shoot the video.

Directed by Annette Navarro, watch the awesome video below, and check out some stills above.

And if you’re a Lil Buck fan (why would you not be?), check out this video of him dancing by a waterfall from earlier today here.

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