My dad goes through phases where he gets fascinated with whatever celebrity is at the top of the Yahoo “Trending Now” section. When Taylor Swift was number one, he knew almost everything there was to know about Taylor Swift. The other week, it was Kanye West and no matter what we were talking about, my dad found a way to bring him up. “Oh, you’re going to see a concert? Is it Kanye West? Are you listening to Yeezus?”

Hearing my dad say things like “Yeezus” and “Yeezy” never got old. So I get why splicing clips together to make it seem like Brian Williams is rapping, is so consistently entertaining. This time, the team over at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had Williams “cover” Sir Mix-a-Lot classic “Baby Got Back,” and even included a hilarious “cameo” from Kathie Lee Gifford. Watch it above.


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