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Swirling beat music isn’t anything particularly new, but Poter Elvinger could definitely convince you otherwise. Repurposing elements from the past whilst previewing the future, his sound embraces a haunting atmosphere with welcome arms, and makes it inviting.

The 20-year-old producer resides in London, and is a part of the rising hip-hop collective Last Night In Paris. Sleek yet grimy, Elvinger (real name Matthew) describes his sound by underselling it: “It’s a kind of saturated pop with hip-hop beats laid over” he says. Having developed a singular sound so quickly, it seems he’s poised for bigger things.

Coming from a non-musical family, he attributes his interest in producing music to an unfortunate stint in juvenile prison. He explains, “I was incarcerated in a juvenile prison for months when I was 16, and there’s nothing to do in that kind of place. One of my friends offered me an MP3 player loaded with only 15 tracks, but I listened only one; “BTSTU” by Jai Paul. I listened to it on repeat everyday. That track literally blew my life up. The only thing I wanted to do was go out and try to make music.”

However, his life already seems to be headed in a better direction since he’s started producing music. He mentions, “I’m involved in a short film called P U R E with Last Night In Paris. I’m really excited about it, it’s going to be crazy.” But, this short film is only a small part of his foreseeable future: “I’ve also made 3 tracks for an upcoming campaign of a big luxury brand. Rappers used to love this brand,” he teases.

Yet, for all this talk of the future, the most exciting aspect of Elvinger’s music is the right now. He’s slowly putting out track by track, each seemingly soundtracking a stylishly dark film that’s yet to be released. Hopefully this’ll all culminate in a larger release of sorts, but for now his delectable drip-feed of releases more than satisfies.

Listen to the premiere of his new track “Wind” below, and download it officially through Pirate Bay (of all places) here.