The depressing Spotify statistics continue to surface. According to a recent report by Music Machinery using Spotify analytics, an astounding 48.6% of all song plays are skipped before the song even finishes. The modern music-listener has access to so much music that skipping is commonplace, but how often is quite surprising. 24.5% of plays are skipped within the first five seconds, 28.9% within the first ten, and 35.05% within the first thirty. Attention spans are dwindling, it seems; in fact, the average listener skips 14.65 times per hour.

Skipping has become an important part of how we listen to music.  It is no surprise then, that ‘unlimited skipping’ is a feature used to entice people to upgrade to a premium paid account. And it may be one of the reasons why people would switch from a service that doesn’t offer unlimited skips even on their premium service to one that does.


Another unsurprising fact: the younger the listener, the more likely they are to skip. Young teenagers have the highest skipping rate, but as the report mentions, the older the listener is, the more their skipping rate drops.

The skipping rate is higher on weekends, showing, once again, that when people have more spare time, they are more apt to curate their listening sessions by skipping tracks.

Check out the full report here.

(Music Machinery)

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