Soundcloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on brand new music, we dig into the Soundcloud archives and pull out some gems. Enjoy, and check out previous editions here.

Last week on Soundcloud Surfing we realized there was a “messages” section on Soundcloud that people had been submitting songs to, so we reviewed some of them in two sentences. You guys seemed to dig it, so this week we’re going to the Pigeons & Planes music submissions email inbox for some tracks.

The submissions email address can be found in the About section of the site.

Show us what you got.

Artist: Steven A. Clark

The message (unedited): I’m surprised you guys at P&P have yet to discover/feature Steven A. Clark… YOU NEED HIM IN YOUR LIFE. He’s been around for awhile, he had an EP called Stripes in 2010 and another called F.U.C.K (Fornication Under Consent of the King) in 2012. He’s based in Miami for now and has just released a reintroduction EP on May 6th called Late with Secretly Canadian. His sound is Alt-R&B.

Two-sentence review: This is great. Secretly Canadian is a reliable source of good music.

From: veed

The message (unedited): Im 19 from Southport, UK, (same place as Lapsley, who im good mates with!) and make music under the name veed.
Ive put out a few songs and my latest one seems to be getting a lot of plays online and it’d really mean a lot if, as someone who’s opinion I really respect and look to for new music, could give it a listen.

Two-sentence review: I like Lapsley a lot so I hope I like this a lot. Yeah, I like this a lot—perfect for a lazy Saturday.

From: Cruel Jungle

The message (unedited): Hey how’s it going hope all is well, my name is Julian and I am 1/2 of Cruel Jungle we are a production duo based out of Toronto. Wanted to reach out to you because we would like to submit our new remix we did for “Sun Goes Down” by Jimmy Johnson who is affiliated with Drake’s OVO label. We see how much you contribute to the culture and we would love to be apart of it. We are young up and coming that are all for putting out good music and we would appreciate it if we can get Pigeon and Planes’ support. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

Two-sentence review: This is cool but a little repetitive. Definitely into those TNGHT-sounding horns.

From: Ro Waters

The message (unedited): My name is Roosevelt Waters. Born and Raised in Las Vegas, NV. Developed a love for music at age 11. I’ve reached a point where people listen to the music and that be the end of it. Looking for a blog to help support my music. I was hoping this could be the one. My song link:

Two-sentence review: Ehhhh. A lot more work needed here.

From: Faldum

The message (unedited): Faldum are an electro-acoustic nu-soul outfit.
Borrowing talents from Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart, the three-piece fuse neo-soul, hip-hop and electronic beats laced with elements of jazz and classical music. Their heartfelt and poetic vocal style melds with live strings and a bed of bass to create a haunting and distinct sound.

Two-sentence review: Interesting combination of sounds and styles that just about works. Your name sounds like some sort of internal organ, though.

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