When you write about music everyday, it sometimes becomes difficult to see the music you’re writing about as more than just another song you have starred in your inbox that you need to post. It’s the downside to our technological advancements: as music gets released quicker and quicker, we have less and less time to be wowed by it. Then there are artists like Seinabo Sey, who make it nearly impossible not to stop what you’re doing, turn up your headphones, and get completely immersed in her sound. Her voice is that captivating.

Sey first proved this on her fantastic “Younger,” and now she’s back with her second offering “Hard Time.” Where “Younger” had a distinctly soulful pop backbone, “Hard Time” is much more anthemic, led by a parade of powerful percussion and Sey’s signature rich vocals. The track is once again produced by Magnus Lidehäll (who also did Mapei’sDon’t Wait“) and will be out May 14 in Scandinavia, followed by a release in the UK and US shortly thereafter. But for now, get lost in “Hard Time” below.