JUDE. is a duo from West Palm Beach, Florida and their debut single “Crystals” was an impressive introduction, but didn’t lay down tracks for a clear path forward. From that starting point, plenty of directions were plausible, and now we find out their next move. The duo’s new song is “Jaded,” and while it starts off dismal and spacious, it explodes into something much more dramatic.

“When we wrote this track, we were both really into Yeezus,” explains Kevin, “so those songs influenced it a lot, even if you can’t really hear it. It’s the second song we wrote together so it’s kind of fitting it’s the second single. Lyrically the main idea is that sometimes you have to stick things out instead of just running away from your problems.”

Hear “Jaded” below, and check out Los Angeles production duo 4e’s remix of “Crystals.”