It doesn’t look like Scandinavia is going to stop producing amazing pop music anytime soon. Behold Kissey, the Swedish singer-songwriter who just dropped the smooth and sexy track “Hold Me.” Kissey has been making music for a while now—her debut album dropped in 2008—but as of late her style has begun to shift, leading the way for a downtempo dance hit like “Hold Me.” Against a throbbing bassline, Kissey sends shivers down the spine with distant falsettos, while the line “hold me” is left echoing in your eardrums.

The song is the first single off her upcoming EP, The Initiation, being released by her own label KISSKISS Records. The EP will be her first multi-song project since 2008, and by the sound of it, should be good. Stream previews of the EP tracks and listen to “Hold Me” below.