Lykke Li’s new album is depressing—in a good way, because sadness is a blessing. But for her follow-up, a song from the soundtrack of the forthcoming The Fault in Our Stars movie, Lykke changes up the tone. On “No One Ever Loved,” Lykke channels a joyous Dillon Francis kind of energy that leads us into summer with smiles on our faces and little umbrellas in our fruity cocktails.

Just kidding, come on, the song is called “No One Ever Loved.” We will trudge into summer with heads down, drowning in our own tears.

On the song and the book/movie, Lykke told Rookie: “I found it to be such a touching love story and immediately thought it would be such a great movie. It’s so crazy, because I had just written the song ‘No One Ever Loved,’ which is about star-crossed lovers and how you will never ever get over that one true love. It feels like the universe made this happen, and I am so happy about it. It makes perfect sense, it feels like the lyrics are word by word how [the main character] Hazel would feel: You will never get over your first love, and no one will ever understand the universe where the two of you existed, or the way his eyes consist of starry skies and paradises.”


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