Recent news coming out of the Wu-Tang Clan camp has been pretty negative, with RZA blaming Raekwon for delaying the new Wu album, then, after a bit of back and forth, Raekwon stating that he was “on strike.” Most recently, RZA gave Raekwon somewhat of an ultimatum, saying on April 23 that he had 30 days to get in the studio, or the album might never come out.

Today, the Wu-Tang website reports:

Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album.

Hopefully, A Better Tomorrow will end up coming out in July as scheduled and will feature Raekwon.

Quite seperate to A Better Tomorrow, Wu-Tang Clan recently made a very special, one-of-a-kind album housed in a very special case. Only one copy of The Wu—Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will ever exist, and RZA explained that the group were trying to elevate music to the level of “high art.”

Details of that album can be found here.

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