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Bristol is a wonderful city to live in, especially if  you’re a music lover, or maker for that matter. It’s small enough to get around easily on a bike, small enough to still have a strong sense of community and a sense that one artists, night, label, or collective winning is a win for everyone. Although the city’s historical influence on electronic music and current wealth of talent  is well-acknowledged, there’s also a thriving folk/rock/indie scene.

Elder Island, made up of Katy Sargent, David Havard and Luke Thornton, met and started making music together while studying Bristol, and although it’s hard to say exactly how much the city influenced their sound, Katy told us:

 It has definitely played a role in developing our musical influences over the years, not only from the music itself but also the record shops, sound systems, promoters and venues. We are engaged and influenced by the music coming from many cities but Bristol is where we interact.

Their debut single “What It’s Worth” is a lovely mix of handclaps, snaps, and soulful vocals. It’s got pop appeal, but the subtly shifting production, clever arrangements, and vocal layering towards the end elevate the song and keep the listener engrossed until the very end.

As to where exactly Elder Island is, well, “You’ll have to wait and see…” Check out “What It’s Worth” below, and look out for the trio’s debut EP, out June 30 via Four Thieves Records.

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