If the old cliché about the journey being more important than the destination could ever be applied to a song, it would be Deadboy’s “Return,” the first song from his forthcoming EP of the same name. The song builds and builds with soothing washes of synths and bass layered upon each other, hinting at exploding into something bigger, but never quite going there.

It’s a great reminder of the power of restraint and is the perfect lead in to the rest of the EP. The following two tracks are upbeat and energetic, bursting with bright synths, chopped vocal samples, and pounding beats, while the final track smooths things out and slows down again.

The gorgeous “Return” video was directed by Thomas Traum and is a perfect accompaniment to the track’s floating through the galaxies vibe. Deadboy’s Return EP is out April 28.

Pre-order here are receive a download of “Return” immediately.


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