SZA and Isaiah Rashad should be making a full-length album together. After she brightened up Rashad’s “Ronnie Drake,” he returned the favor on “Warm Winds.” Rashad and SZA also happen to have two of 2014’s hottest releases to their names in Cilvia Demo and Z.

Knowing TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith, that album may already be cooking. But for the time being, we get this surreal, washed out video for “Warm Winds.” It finds SZA and Rashad in his comfort zone, country lanes and open fields. The camera catches SZA praying in bare orchards and reaching out behind filters that have the feel of VCR playback. The combination isn’t quite nostalgic, despite the Pepper Ann shoutout SZA slips in near the end of the song. It’s something closer to a haunting, something that SZA and Rashad have created on their own, together.

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