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On April 11, Kidepo joined Twitter to share his first song, “Reds.” A day later he tweeted, “Posted ‘Reds’ expecting a generous 200 plays… and it just hit the 1,000 mark! There is not enough cake in the world.”

Introducing yourself on the internet can be an intimidating process for a young artist, and Kidepo is taking it slow. “I’m a 23-year-old London-born singer/songwriter/producer with Ugandan roots, and currently in NYC,” he explains. “‘Reds’ is the first track I have ever shared and off of an EP which I’m anticipating for release in early summer.” His Facebook profile biography reads simply: “Music.”

For the purposes of this post, I ask if he has any more pictures, or if he’s playing up the mysterious aspect. “The latter,” he responds in an email. “For now anyway.”

Stepping into the blinding internet spotlight can be scary, but on “Reds,” Kidepo doesn’t sound timid. Over sparse production that builds patiently with subtle bass and percussion, he sings soulfully and comfortably, like someone who has experienced far more than 23 years on the planet. Expect more music soon.

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