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You don’t hear much indie/pop music coming out of Florida, but here’s a new duo named JUDE., and they’re straight out of West Palm Beach. “There isn’t much of a music scene,” they explain. “The ‘scene’ that does exist is mostly bar cover bands/metal bands.”

JUDE. is not a metal band.

The duo has been together since October of 2013, and “Crystals” was the first song they ever finished together. Logically, they decided it should be the first song they released. Three days ago, they uploaded it to SoundCloud, and in the past few days it has racked up a total of over 11,000 plays. Don’t be surprised if it doubles in the next few days.

With Lorde taking off, the lane for minimal, moody pop music that still hits hard with a chorus is looking very appealing. If Lorde can do it and reach superstardom in the process, why can’t others? If a girl from New Zealand can top the charts, why can’t a duo from West Palm Beach? Avoiding the traditional radio pop sound and the overblown synth-pop route, JUDE.’s first song sounds like something that could have been on Pure Heroine. We’ll see what’s next for JUDE., but for now, enjoy “Crystals.”


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