There are lots of 420 playlists out there already. In fact, it's not really that hard to make your own. A bit of Snoop, a bit of Bob Marley, a few classics everyone knows and loves, the odd comedy weed song (looking at you Afroman), and you're all set. We here at Pigeons & Planes are creative types, who like to do something a little different for our readers.

So, we did some deep and time consuming research: We got high, listened to hundreds of songs that are 4:20 long (in our iTunes at least), took lots of snack breaks (shout out Seamless), and brought you ten 420 appropriate songs that are 4:20 long.

Seriously, think about it for just a second. It's 420, the songs are 4:20. WOW!

Anyway, here's a llama enjoying DMX. Happy 420!