My quick answer when people ask for a description of my sound is ‘sad but sensual.’ combination of sentiments that shouldn’t normally go together; it always feels odd to say those words out loud together, but I think it’s the truth and that’s all I have. What’s normal anyway?


We first heard from Toronto singer/songwriter STACEY in December with aching, raw piano ballad “Worst Part,” a song that sounded incomplete, but no less effective for its skeletal nature.

The 23 year-old classically trained pianist returns this spring with a reworked version of her self-titled debut EP, collaborating with producers YDID and LIGHT//SPEED to flesh out the original with tasteful, beautiful electronics. The first offering from the project, “Calling Me,” shows the depth that YDID’s subtle hand lends where only piano and vocals once lived.

Listen to both the remixed and untouched versions of “Calling Me” below.

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