Soundcloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on the brand new music, we dig into the Soundcloud archives and pull out some gems. Enjoy, and check out previous editions here.

It’s International Women’s Day today. A day to celebrate women, a source of constant inspiration for so much great music that is made. Whether talking about their beauty, lamenting a broken heart, or letting us know “sometimes they wear heels” (thanks Heems), musicians across genres and ages have created countless songs about women.

Today we look back in the Soundcloud archives at just a very few of those songs. Enjoy.

Rhye’s ridiculously tender love song has one of the best opening couplets we’ve heard for a long time.

In which Heems lists all the things he likes about women. Thanks Heems.

Miguel loves women. And Jessie Ware obviously loved “Adorn” enough to jump on it for this brilliant duet.

“All these songs for women, songs for women…”

Is every Chromeo song about women in one way or the other? Yeah, I think so.

Remixing a certified classic is usually a recipe for disaster, but this subtle rework is suitably respectful of the source material.