Scotland is a veritable dance music haven right now, and Slovenian-born Glasgow resident Nightwave is another name you should be looking out for if you’re looking for exciting, eclectic dance music. Nightwave actually provided vocals on Rustie’s stunning debut album Glass Swords, and her own productions are just as good, with “Scooter” a punishing, dancefloor-primed instant rewind of a track. Like some sort of mutant child borne of hardcore, juke, and the synth-heavy maximalism of artists like Rustie, “Scooter” shows off the harder side of Nightwave’s production, and we love it.

Nightwave’s Hit It EP, which features Chicago legend DJ Deeon, is out April 7 on her own imprint Heka Trax. It features both “Scooter” and “Fire Hoes,” which you can listen to below.

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