We heard the story of Los Angeles duo MVSCLES and their shitty label drama over the past year, and now they’re back with new music to follow up the excellent “somethin.” The inspiration may come from a serious place, but there’s something about MVSCLES that feels like a magic show, with lots of glitter and color and some birds flying out of a hat. This new one is bass-heavy and pulsing, a little darker than their playful songs, but still fun.

“We wrote the words to ‘game’ at our wits’ end,” they explain. “We’d been told so many lies that we could hardly think straight. The people closest to us took advantage of the fact that we knew very little about the music industry, and tried to strip us of our integrity and artistry. Writing this song was like waking up from being hypnotized, finally recognizing the black hole we’d gotten ourselves into.”