“Burial’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met” is not something you would expect Ellie Goulding to say. Not just because the two artists inhabit such different ends of the musical spectrum, but also because so few people seem to actually know who he is at all, let alone have actually met him.

Ellie Goulding, however, is one of the lucky few. As she revealed in an interview with Billboard, “I’m constantly fascinated by him. I’ve only had a few encounters with him, but they were really intense. I may never see him again, but we stay in touch constantly…”

This sounds super weird, but he kind of looks over me in a weird way.

In case you had forgotten, Burial revealed what he looked like with a selfie accompanying a heartfelt message in January.

Read the rest of Ellie’s interview with Billboard here. Play the two songs below and imagine what a Burial x Ellie Goulding collaboration would sound like. Or don’t.